Alex Drouhard

Alex Drouhard

I feel as a photographer you grow up in that world the same as in everyday life. 

Over time you learn from what you've done, what you could do differently, being attentive, and aware of what is potentially needed mentally to move forward.

In photography life I'm getting out of teenage years into adulthood.


Here is a list of some photographers and when they published their respective body of work.

William Eggleston published Guide at 37

Richard Avedon published In The American West at 62

Walker Evans published American Photographs at 35

Cartier-Bresson published The Decisive Moment at 44

Robert Frank published The Americans at 34

Ed Ruscha published Twenty-Six Gasoline Stations at 26.

Garry Winogrand published The Animals at 41

Gregory Crewdson published Beneath The Roses at 46                      

Alec Soth published Broken Manual at 40                                                               


These ages are a guess by basic subtraction the birthdates may land on a random month where the age may be off a year, but definitely a interesting way to look at being creative and time.

bsmitty at 29