10 Years of dotcom

first gen of a new form of creative expression - 360 degree photograph/video

amazing new camera. the quality is 1080 but at its full 360 range so when you watch a video or see a portion of the scene it is a portion of that resolution. but we are at the very beginning of this amazing technology.  soon most artists and businesses will have a 360 camera, itll be a must have situation for behind the scenes footage, location scouting, realtors, weddings, etc. i was just getting into photography as digital took down film, and its exciting to see a whole new medium begin, it wont replace a photograph or a film anytime soon or probably ever, but it sure will enhance the experience.

 i cannot edit or trim this footage so it is as shot on location.

again, beginnings. firmware updates and new software will make the experience easier with time.

*now available on iPhone!