10 Years!!!!!!!!


This photo was taken of me at the launch of bsmitty.com in 2006. My friend Tim Worthen snapped this, previous to this I had it planned that I would make a website and consider myself a photographer once I had a photograph printed in a magazine.  

I began taking photography seriously my senior year of high school and knew that it was my path. Luckily I had some who really influenced me and gave me the support and encouragement that was required to believe in what I was doing, since my school at least back in that time was still stuck in the old ways of life saying there is some formula that you have to follow to be successful. A "formula" way of living wasn't for me at all.

I pushed myself to create photographs that weren't typical, which I still do. Since the release of bsmitty.com in 2006 I have had over 40 photographs published in magazines around the world and as Alex Drouhard put it that I'm in "a category of my own." 

Hitting the 10 year mark has had me reflecting about my past work and the process. I am looking forward to being even more productive.

2016 will be a rad year on this site, I will be posting a lot of photographs from the past years along with my new photos. I want to thank everyone who as been a part of bsmitty.com or has followed my work!

Keep lurking