10 Years of dotcom

Ice cream and pulled pork

I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHING IN THIS AREA. I need to get back there soon. Some of my favorite photographs are from this small Ohio town. 


I've had a few conversations about photography lately, and they are somewhat the same conversations I've had about photography since it became my life. I started photographing when shooting film was still what you did, it was very soon after though when digital started becoming a thing but was expensive to get into and photos on a phone were basically pixelated thumbail. But I still feel the same right now as I did then. When I seen photography grow and become capable of being a photographer by shooting with iPhones and dslr being a couple hundred bucks as well as the rise of social media and platforms like Instagram it is still the same to me..... Let me explain if this doesn't make sense... Which still might not make sense.

even though everyone is a photographer now, at the same time it is the same as before.. Something photographer Joel Meyerowitz once said...

secondary and the primary.