If you were a follower of my blog before this post you'll realize that I took a break from it, just shy of 3 months. I was becoming a little frustrated with the platforms that I was/am working with, server crashes, computer issues, and general thoughts going through my mind of what I was doing. Should I just post on Instagram? Was a SERIOUS thought and that also became a thing where I wasn't posting my photographs much at all. Honestly I shot a decent amount of photographs this fall considering the craziness of business and things pulling me away from my world. I've often found that if I'm having trouble producing how I want to produce I don't at all, Im photographing but stopping there because I'm not able to do what I have in mind after the fact.

Ive been doing A LOT of thinking of what I'm actually wanting to do because my deployed work as a photographer wasn't feeling right to me

In the world of Instagram, scrolling through dozens of photos, not remembering them by end of the day... What do I do?

Remind myself that Instagram is the modern junk mail. Instagram is great for sure, and by far my favorite social platform. But like junk mail, theres a lot of junk but maybe a few good specials in there. 

This isn't to be cruel, I enjoy seeing the randomness of others and other photographers work. But its known as a photography app that has that random aspect. So if you post a photograph that you think is great it could be sandwiched in between a meme and a dog video after a sponsored post about razors. Again, I don't hate Instagram its just to show its not the most ideal place for a mood.

How can this be fixed?

it can't. at least for me, but what I can do is not worry about that and just use it for what it is, a place for distribution. its you checking the "junk mail" and you may or may not stop for a minute or go to my page to see more. (the equivalent of you cutting out that special in that junk mail.)



Guess what? I sold my main camera, my daily lens, my fancy lens, extras, all of it. 

I still have my pocket camera (and some random instant cameras if I feel like using those.)

why the hex would I do that?

I have a deep passion for photography, what it means to me, and what I want to do. This was a step in that direction. Might not make sense now but it will at another time.


WHATS NEXT? was started January 1st 2006 WAY before the term social media was a thing. Everything is online, I'm not going in that direction of saying I'm going offline thats for sure. What I'm doing is making myself, myself. This is MY platform, everything should be funneled to here, its my world. Focusing here and branching out to the social platforms. Also, books are to come. Prints are currently available and I also have the bsmitty print club. A monthly print sent to you every month with a subscription. 

Glad I am back.

Thanks for joining me on my creative process!