So changing to a weekly blog plan kind of drives me nuts. LET ME EXPLAIN.

My days are usually scattered with randomness just like everyone's life. When I get a moment I open instagram/facebook/whatever and would consume some content. Recently, and talking with a couple people about this are feeling the same way... That now that social has been here for years, and what is most crucial to most people is TIME and how its used when you have some down time. 

I really have focused on consuming content that is important to me, I have filtered out so much random things i were consuming before. I enjoy looking at photographs and films that some friends and people ive never met create. Shockingly there is not as many people as I would think that post things consistently, even on a weekly basis.

I crave creation. 

I went to check my email on my computer and 95% of the time i ignore all the headlines because they are put there specifically for me to click. A particular headline caught my attention to click. "Rory says I couldnt live like Tiger Woods." I am a golf fan, and a Tiger fan.. So I was intrigued. I am glad i did click it since its actually a topic i live with. Basically he couldnt live like tiger because tiger lives for his craft, has insomnia because he is always thinking about improving. 

This is someone who could have retired 15 years ago if he wanted and been well off more than most people.

Its not about money, retiring, taking it easy.

its about the craft, the process.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? (my binger friend asks)

I love the process, just as much as the photograph. Often more than the photograph. I want to deploy my photographs, thoughts, motiviation, films, etc. more than just once a week. I can only imagine that this blog is a place where someone else creative will spend one of those down time moments to check up, to take in some of the creative process. 

Keep lurking, and lurk often. 

produce and deploy