three weeks.

a lot of outside sources have really clouded my creativity and more importantly, time.

you know those 4 hours of uninterrupted time? 

yeah right.

I have still been photographing, working on the creative process, mostly have been thinking and need to turn into actions. I also have been trying to meet my personal daily goals over on instagram @bsmittydotcom

through the fall I was posting on the blog a lot and had an idea of using youtube as a platform for my photos and this blog really focusing on the creative process. Early december my youtube account has been set in "review" for conflicting email accounts.. This process of appeal took up december and even as i write this it is pending but recently moved on from worrying daily about getting it back up and running so i can just worry about photographing and deploying content. I think i was really just fighing for an idea and Google dragging there feet pretty much paralyzed my brain on what to do.

This lead to thinking of how i want to change the blog how i want to do this or that. I am just going to PRODUCE AND DEPLOY

I need to break through the noice of the outside sources, i might not be able to get that consistent uninterrupted time i would love to have but im going to make things happen.

also, missing these fall ohio vibes