So I wrote about the grey wave yesterday morning and then the sun decided to show up! (Briefly) 

I was watching my favorite film (Besides Shawshank, that's its own thing) interstellar (for the millionth time) I'm not really sure what sparked this into my head... but the scene towards the beginning where they are talking about looking down at their place in the dirt.. 

The thought that many photographs seen can be anywhere.. sure a photo in Times Square is Times Square, that's not what I'm talking about. I think why I love interstellar so much is because I feel like I am that main character, his location feels like my location.... and a lot locations/people could have that same feeling. I always would think I need to travel here or there "I bet I can get some photos if I take this trip since I haven't been there before" those types of thoughts would go through my mind. But then randomly during that scene the most simple thing popped. 


That there is many black holes all around. 

The street passed daily but never been down. That's a black hole. What will you find on the other side of the road? 

today I did that experiment. I've been to Oberlin Ohio so many times, I worked there for years, walked the streets with my camera countless times. Been to restaurants and bars. I entered a black hole. 3 streets and 2 minutes later I discovered something you would think I would have at least heard of this area.. but I never have. 

the three photographs in this post would not have happened otherwise.. so when you are out in your daily routine.. think of this scene...