After a lot of thought I decided to make a change on how I blog.. Over the years social media has become the internet. Daily routines are inside those social media worlds. I was well aware of this which is why I posted my photos here and also everywhere else on social, the change is this...

You don't really hear this anymore

"I read this online." "I seen this online."

it now is

"I read this on Facebook." "I seen this on instagram."

I dont have a problem with that happening but as the creative process goes.. you have to adjust.

My main battles with the creative process is time. 

"if you want to get one hour of good painting in you have to have 4 hours of uninterrupted time." - Bushnell Keeler (David Lynch: Catching The Big Fish)

Even though social media and the internet are blending together... The website is still home base. Instagram is huge right now... But most likely a different app will be the big thing at some point, Facebook may begin to fade, and people will migrate to various apps as they emerge... But your website is your website. Those instagram posts might not matter in 5 years if the app is not on the viewers phone, but people can always round to home base.

With that being said, if you have followed my work since 2006 I have always been hyper aware of attention. Attention is really close to 100% social media so I will be posting on where the attention is.

So lets get back to the point of what I am doing. For the first time I am going to be posting weekly at bsmitty.com starting this first week of 2017. The idea is giving me uninterupted time to describe what I am going through as an artist, show photographs and from time to time give my feelings about those photographs, and talk on photography and the creative process, give out bits of motivation from The Motivation Room blog that I am now going to blend here. 

There is going to be no structure to the weekly posts, I'm not going to make up random rules for myself that will lead to excuses. I hope that every week they will become more fulfilling not only for me but for you as well. The only structure is that I will be posting every Tuesday. So on that day, every week, you can come here and chill and take some minutes away from the immediacy of social media and enjoy your time with some content.

Starting next Tuesday you will start to see some photos here before you will see them on social media. I created this post today (Tuesday 1/3) So I am looking forward to having those hours of uninteruppted time with WEEK 2

- bsmitty