Depending on social media


I spent the last 3 months of 2016 preparing for going all in on my on going documentary on photography in 4K. Early December my YouTube channel that I started in 2005 was compromised due to a duplicate email and after months of emails with google I put the idea I had for youtube.. still filming but haven't uploaded anything while I decide on what I want to do. So I shifted most of my attention to Instagram.. played the age old insta game of hashtags posting nothing that would be against the guidelines and earlier this week I opened the app to post a photo and I had a alert from Instagram that someone from Romania tried to access my account and prompted me to make a new password. I did that and insanely my account is now "shadowbanned" 


im glad I don't depend on social media for a living. A friend said it best.. you are at mercy of the platform. That's why I stress to creatives I talk with to have a legit website, majority does not have one. Even though Facebook is strongest social, claiming that as use for your website is a very bad idea. 



The past 6 months I have put a lot of work into a couple social platforms.. it's absolutely true that's where most people are when online. I want as many eyes to see my work. I remind myself to not respect one form of distribution over the other. 


I look at having a website as it were to photographers making books and having shows. Even though that still, a website is the world of the creator. I started having things backwards and had focused on a platform when the platform is not focused on me. Β 

IMG_3931.JPG is my platform for my photographs and the creative process. You will be able to find photos here, videos (most likely using fb), my thoughts, prints/books. I will be using social platforms to distribute. Not dedicate. Β