The genius of photography


The genius of photography was a BBC tv documentary series released in 2007. All I knew about photography at that time was within the skateboarding industry and didn't really study the history of it. My friend Larkey came home for Christmas in December 2009 and gave me a dvd to watch that featured the BBC documentary, it was a week before I went on a nationwide skateboarding tour. After watching that documentary I knew my thoughts on photography changed. Before then I focused on photographing skateboarding tricks to get in the big name magazines, when I left for tour I wanted to photograph life around me. Which led to my first zine "fancy that" which was featured on the little brown mushroom blog by magnum photographer Alec soth. After that nationwide tour I stopped photographing skateboarding almost completely. 

the genius of photography is the root of where I found photographers that give me the motivation to create and have respect for what they've done. From time to time I will talk about these photographers and often times more than once.