Wooded area

Been embracing the unknown areas of various wooded areas this year. I've randomly explored the woods here and there when I was younger but never really payed attention to the different qualities of the woods until I spent a lot of time in them last year. Mostly just getting lost in them with Mary and taking a 11 mile bicycle ride with Kristian through them. I started to notice how the wooded areas around me had both a beautiful and haunting quality.


In the above video I was shooting 4K with the DJI Osmo for the first time on location, This camera is on the same level as the Drone as in you could not capture the shots you can get with these without having a crew Β (and a lot of money) previously. I will be doing posts about cameras so I will leave a detailed post on the Osmo for another time. The 4K Osmo is available on Amazon: