Peak Design

Peak Design is a company I feel like I am a part of which is kind of weird because I am not. Maybe it's being a continuous Kickstarter backer, keeping up with LIVE videos, and just loving the final result of the process. I have the Peak Design Capture Pro connected to me every single day, the only other thing that has that exclusiveness is my wallet. The Everyday Messenger bag is by far the best looking messenger bag you'll find and was the stake in the world of not just camera bags, but how a bag should be made, with meticulous detail and cutting edge design. 

So here we are, a new Kickstarter campaign. This isn't just a simple product, this is yet another recreation of a product. Scratch that. Recreation of MULTIPLE PRODUCTS.  

The Everyday Backpack (2 sizes)

The Everyday Tote

The Everyday Sling

I backed The Everyday Backpack (30L) immediately after I received the email from Peak Design, it was funny because I was surprised to see 4 new products announced but at the same time I wasn't, this company really listens and is engaged with the community that they have created. 

I highly recommend checking out these bags and back this project with a bag you are into! If not share this Kickstarter link with your friends ❤️

I hope to be able to check out the Peak Design HQ someday to meet the talented crew and check out the workspace, and maybe play some ping pong.