The Creative Process

I'm excited to start working on this documentary series. It has been on my mind for 5 years... Since this actually was to be made 4 years ago and a lot had been filmed but the footage was lost due to me breaking a hard drive while painting Ryders room before he was even born.


I think that happened for a reason though, it only makes sense to bring this documentary series out on the 10th year of and being age 30.


To explain in short detail is.. It's sort of ongoing audio/visual journal entries.


Here is a teaser video I originally made for instagram (@bsmittydotcom) and decided to upload at


hope you enjoy the upcoming series!

Drone takeoff!

I filmed this with a GoPro 4 and guess what!??  

I left it here recording. Luckily, hours later.. returned and the GoPro was still there!  

I would say to double check that you are leaving with all the gear you dragged out, but I did double check. So... Triple check?