Extra! Extra!

It's been... Well years since I have ran a 'real' blog. More of the recent blogs I had going were places to post a photograph, I guess I might have felt discouraged of the idea of writing but the great thing about time and age is that you find out more about yourself and life in general. This is my first true blog and I am very excited to run it and will be including creative writers from time to time to collaborate with my photographs or for any other random reason I see fit! I am glad to have a home for photographs I normally wouldn't add to a portfolio collection and even random photos I have on my iPhone or xq1.

Unsafe hillbomb on skateboard selfie with Kristian Svitak 

Unsafe hillbomb on skateboard selfie with Kristian Svitak 

So over the past week I've been super busy on a filming/photography mission with Svitak and it was very successful! I will update when and where the video/photos show up at after the sponsors review what we ended up with. 

The aLIVE series will be back on its normal schedule tomorrow so keep lurking!