Ruth Stretar and thoughts of Richard Avedon

aLIVE episode 8 featuring Ruth Stretar is up! CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Shooting these episodes has been a absolutely great time to do and I am excited every time I schedule the next episode. Ruth took some convincing but as you'll see her episode is deep and full of real emotion.

The question I have been asked the most about the aLIVE project is 'why' or 'what does it mean' or 'what is this for'... Really this idea came into my head during this past winter, living in Ohio it gives you many months of not being able to enjoy nice weather which leads to long nights left with your own thoughts, and for me is when I can push my creative thoughts forward. I think of Richard Avedon often (I wish I could have met him) and Avedon is a photographer that passed the year I started shooting.. But it was years before I knew who Avedon was. I am not sure when I was actually introduced to his lifes work but whenever that was it really changed my life, much like how a motivational book can change someones life.

When I look through 'IN THE AMERICAN WEST' I stare at the photos and get lost to that moment, Laura Wilson did a great documentation of his journey and some amazing stories are involved but Avedon being the photographer and creative mind is what I am talking about, being IN that moment dealing with the elements and talking face to face and really being a extension of that subject during that time

-how did the introduction to the particular person go

-what type of conversations were struck up 

-what happened immediately after the photographs were taken

Those and many more thoughts go through my mind and I wanted to create those feelings... unscripted, real thoughts, how the person carried themselves at this time of life, just being IN it. The gracious people involved with the aLIVE project have a real conversation and each person has been so unique and seeing the time stopped dead with the single photograph at the end secluded in front of a white background takes me to that place that I felt with Avedon's work in the west.

Enjoy the latest episode of Ruth Stretar and watch the other episodes if you haven't yet!

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