Being lost in a dream




I often get asked what I am shooting photos for and it is easy for me just to say "Oh they are just for my website" to give a justifiable answer so I can simply dodge the question. It is hard to explain photography, there is something inside that you know what works and what does not work. Similar to a filmmaker, if he or she were to tell you what the film means it will ruin your interpretation of it. The beauty of being creative is that it is all on you.. You can choose to photograph flowers and pretty things, you can choose to photograph sports or weddings, or you can get lost and dream. I tend to get lost and enter a dream when I am photographing and I try to get to that place as much as possible... and the thing about being lost in a dream is that you'll find yourself with images that are so beautiful and tell yourself WAIT I could find something even more beautiful so I must stagger on.