Street Plant presents - a Kristian Svitak film

I helped film the majority of this film including all of the aerial footage, as well as some of his well known throwback highlights. 

Many things in this video I also photographed which became published in print or online.  

Here is a statement I made for this film: 

 "Kristian and I really put in the work to make this happen. Ohio is much different than California for skateboarding, it really takes a lot of mental stability to stay positive and make things happen here. Our minds are very similar which is probably why I've been a big part of his career for over 10 years. There's a reason you've heard the name Svitak since the 90's he's proven that hard work and believing in your passion leads to success. This Svitak Street Plant video is his greatest contribution to skateboarding. I'm glad I've dealt with the Ohio conditions behind the lens to see it all happen."