Ryder's portrait of me



Ryder's portrait of me from our fun day in the woods! I asked him when we were home if he wanted to go take pictures at the park in the woods (his 3rd birthday is 8/31) and he has seen my big messenger bag many times but at his more curious age he wanted to see what was in it and wanted to bring his little Fuji ax560 which I got for him when he wasn't even a year old yet. So he put that in the bag and off we went... I was thinking on our way there that getting photos was not happening since 3 year olds change there minds on things abruptly but surprisingly he was really into it and had a great time, we took a break from walking around and played inside the park building that has toys and what not. Afterwards on our way down the trail back to the parking lot I asked him if he wanted to use his camera at all and was really excited to shoot with it! This is the first time he really understood how taking a photo works (he used to point the lens at himself, which was super cute) and I was so so so proud of him and loved his smiling reaction.