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Photo Jun 26, 6 40 02 PM.jpg

I shot this photograph back behind a restaurant in North Olmsted, Ohio yesterday, afterwards using the Free Lightroom Preset I will send you by subscribing to my newsletter. This is how I begin every single photo, depending on the light, what i’m photographing, etc. I’ll slide things around and work out the photo how I see it. This Preset named “becoming bsmitty” is the starting point, even this photo above I could go further, but wanted to example it. It certainly isn’t designed as a click and done, as no preset is universal. If it does work right away for your vision, that’s great. The beauty of photography is that it is your vision, that’s why for me its the base, I have my own way of a complete photograph, I hope you enjoy this preset and that it inspires you to find your complete style as well.