Twitch schedule

I started live-streaming the creative process on Twitch earlier this year, I streamed every second of editing my latest book, which is going to be available on Amazon very soon. Almost every photo I have posted on Instagram this year have been edited live on Twitch. As you know, I am changing how I use social media to focus more of my attention to my platform. I’ve streamed around an average of 60 hours a month since I started streaming the creative process. I have even talked within those hours that I wanted to make a schedule, but would not work the way I was streaming, which was about as many hours as I could. As I am focusing on my website and blog I want to be focused on social media sites. How does that make sense with what I’ve been talking about? I talked about it live on my most recent stream that, for me, Instagram (and other social media) is like a zombie and I was bit by it and became one myself, infected and just being a zombie with all the other zombies. Taking more time to prepare and plan on distribution will create more perennial content, or at the very least, giving a substantially bigger chance of doing so.

On the top of the mobile site under “menu” or on the left of desktop you’ll find my new tab titled “Twitch Schedule” I have the date and time scheduled when I will be live on Twitch. The great thing with this is, before I would just go live randomly, no one knowing, I can now have the schedule for a reference and if I need to make a date or time change I will be able to, so you can always keep up to date and know when to come hang out with me and chat.