Always be shooting

I knew in the morning on our way out I was going to drive in the opposite direction of where we needed to go, but it was the closest post office that would actually save time going too, it was a Saturday and I had to get a package shipped out and they close early on saturdays at the ol USPS. Anyways, after the usual running a little behind getting out the door with Ryder, and talking about Pokémon in the car, I not so surprisingly didn’t go that opposite direction that I needed to go, we had about a 40 minute drive to our actual destination. We were about 8 minutes from that destination when it all of a sudden dawned on me that we didn’t go to the post office. “We forgot to go the post office.” I frantically said out loud with Ryder’s response being “oh no!” Out of pure luck I thought of this right before a intersection where we ended up being stopped by a red light, I looked at the time, it read 11:52 am. I pretty much figured it was a loss cause and was annoyed at myself for forgetting, but out of pure luck and a quick google search I realized I was only 4 minutes from a USPS location that I didn’t even know existed. Still, the area we were in was busy, but Ryder was down to try to make it happen. We turned right, and ended up making it just in time before they were closed. On our way out I drove down the parking lot a different way then we entered, and I noticed this sign “GO SLOW” it was another one of those countless photographs that wouldn’t normally happen, these are the ones that inspire me even more to carry my camera with me whenever and wherever I possibly can.