Book update

I’ve recently mentioned that I am rebranding my book previously titled “This is for you.” After the time thinking, planning, deploying my new direction of work and how I go about it, that book came to mind. I believe I did a really great job in the process of editing it, I’m not sure if anyone as ever live-streamed on Twitch the edited process of a photo book from the beginning point of deciding which photos and to actually edit each photo and then deciding which photos would make it into the finished book. I’m not sure if anyone has actually live-streamed that process on any platform, ever. What I didn’t do well at all is the deployment process. I fell into the zombie effect. The typical what everyone does which is here is my Instagram post, my twitter post, my Facebook pages post. The furthest thing from giving any type of chance of being perennial. That book was major factor in my recent thinking because of the month long dozens of hours streamed for the book, to literally, and I mean literally, put 30 seconds into distribution. Clicking share, being a zombie.

The beauty of self publishing is that, I am giving that process another chance, or should I say, an actual chance to become perennial. I have a couple titles that I am considering, but I am taking my time on it. I haven’t fully invested into that quite yet because I have at the same time put in a lot of work on this process im doing now of how I deploy my content, focusing on what is actually mine and distributing from there, a funny thing with how during this process, I was reading the book perennial seller, and I was discussing my platform on my last stream where my website is mine and the social media outlets are a part of it. I thought of a scene from a trailer of the first book offering of Ryan Holiday titled “Trust me i’m lying" and its somewhat a good example of how I am thinking about things, starting with the content on my platform and creating links in a chain.

The photos of the book are not being edited differently and the actual layout and decisions from that when I live-streamed is going to stay the same, what is changing is the title and most likely a cover change, because like it or not people judge by the cover of books. So just a couple changes, but big changes for sure. That is just the beginning of my rebranding process. From there I want to plan and schedule out what I want to do on the actually deployment of it, creating something way bigger than just a one time simple click of a share button.

I’ll be keeping you updated on this, I also mentioned this time it will be available on Amazon.