A journal in action

I am launching a show exclusively being seen first on patreon. It is a deep dive look into the creative process, what its truly like for me living the art life. I want to treat it in a way that would be the equivalent to visual journal, I may experiment with the way each video is made from style and what not. I started filming some scenes while photographing. I plan to have videos with voice-overs, guests, documenting the process, even if that is a quiet feel, because the art life can be a quiet place. I am excited for it, its a different way to think, itโ€™s something I know will be for my community and lurkers. Over time, these videos will eventually become public, but most likely would be put together as a documentary as a digital download to the public at a later date, but viewed for free on patreon. If you are interested I set up my profile here