Was shooting ligHts out

So yesterday I actually had a post scheduled but I thought yesterday was the 1st so nothing posted. Sucks but it’s all good, I’m just going to reschedule that post for another day.

High quality screen shot from a  Instagram  story

High quality screen shot from a Instagram story

I went out photographing a project, I went in full send mode the I was to be photographing, and photographing, and photographing. I have other days planned as well to finish it up. I haven’t decided how I’m going to go about the project.. in the sense of should I release it now, or should I wait some time. When I say release I mean the whole project as a book. A big part of me wants to do the edits and layout of the book but release it in the future.. the ideas in my head now is that I want to start releasing books but some might be aged very well if I’m patient.

Random thoughts. I’ll keep you updated on it