The Obstacle Is The Way


The timing of this Retweet was pretty much insane, I received the medallion The Obstacle Is The Way on Monday. I immediately knew it was going to be a heirloom that I would pass down to Ryder later in life, it is made in such great quality, and timeless advice. I decided when I received it Tuesday that I wanted to post it on Instagram and Twitter, took a few shots in my house and a few out, I ended up liking one from outside the most. So i ended up posting them throughout social media Tuesday night, woke up the next morning, pretty early because my brother was coming over to help me move a freezer. My day started off busy and I had my phone resting on a wireless charger because my charging port on my iphone is kinda wacked out. When I had a moment I checked my phone and had a dozen or so Twitter notifications and when I opened twitter I immediately was surprised, happy, and even more inspired, Ryan Holiday retweeted the photo I posted. After a period of time just smiling and doing my work being stoked I realized my blog post this day was “Phantom mentors” and besides the crazy coincidence it also made me notice another thing about how I mentioned how easy it is to think of search and find and then watch interviews from the greats, but also how you can potentially get in contact these days. If I was sitting here when I was a teenager and being hyped on works like Perennial Seller and The Obstacle Is The Way, there would be a very low next to no chance I could get in the type of contact I just had made. It’s so interesting how early we actually are in the current social network world. Special thanks to Ryan Holiday and The Daily Stoic for not only for the retweets but the timeless knowledge and inspiration.