Making the most of your time

Another thing i’ve learned during this process of blogging everyday is that I am even more hyper aware of what is wasting my time and keeping me away from the art life. Things in life will always try it’s hardest to get in the way of the things we would rather be doing, whether it’s living the art life, going to your local golf course to take in the smell of the great outdoors while whacking some balls, relaxing in your own space writing your next or first book, etcetera. It is impossible to not have things come up from time to time, and some people more than others will be interrupted. I call getting the most out of your days “windows of time” and having all the things you need at the ready at all times puts you in the best position to be productive during these windows of time. If you put everything away in desk drawers or a closet or in a different room than you’ll be working in, the chances of you actually doing the thing when, lets say, you have 20 minutes to be producing will be next to zero chance you’ll do the work since you’ll have to put your setup back together. If you have all the things you need in place, or with you in a bag when you’re away from your normal space. You've accomplished a very important part of making something happen during the window of time that you have. The next hurdle is getting back into your world. For me, outside of my world tends to be one that’s nothing like how I think and live the art life, so if its been a better part of the day where I am needed outside of my world, then I have a short time into my world.. it can be hard to flip that switch, at times, the outside life can linger. I often think of these times to the video of Jack Nicholson preparing for a scene during the film The Shining. He’s preparing his mind for a place it needs to be, and that’s how I feel I get back into the art life, sometimes it needs that preparation to get the most out of yourself.