New camera

As some of you may know from social media (snapchat: bsmittydotcom / Instagram @bsmittydotcom) I dropped my Sony rx100iv and sent it out for repair. They ended up calling me to tell me the camera was wasted and beyond repair and since I had drop coverage I went to the store to get it replaced. I talked to one of the sales associates for a bit and he said they issue credit so I didn't have to swap out with the same camera if I didn't want to.

*The Sony rx100iv is amazing, for it being able to fit in most pockets it is the best in portability. I highly recommend this camera. I 90% of the time kept it on my Peak Design Capture Clip, which was one of the reasons I ended up making the decision on a different camera.


I got the Sony a6300, stepping up to a larger sensor just sounded amazing, which I compared it to the rx100iv, the max iso was better quality on the a6300 at 25,600 than the rx100iv at 12,800. Those are high iso numbers that aren't typically used, but a better reference is from my basic non scientific tests 10,000 iso was the same as 3,200 on the rx. The a6300 noise regardless is much more attractive.

The kit lens on the a6300 is a 16-50mm and I really think it's a great lens, mixed reviews on the internets but sometimes I feel that certain bloggers talk down on lower priced lenses based on extreme pixel peeping and it's usually an unfair comparison anyways. Get what you want or can afford. (Just make photographs)

I got the Sony 20mm 2.8 the day before I left to New York. I did some basic around the house shooting with the camera and didn't even shoot with the new lens until I was on my way to NYC. 


My window on the plane was actually quite dirty, these turned out pretty well considering that. 


Photographing NYC is an interesting experience, I feel I tend to photograph differently when I am there, the people and energy interests me the most. Each time I've questioned myself after if I could have done things better or differently. 


Svitak - The Creative Process episode 4

Set up a video kit like Kristian Svitak:
I suggest using the GoPro Hero 4 Silver:
Another version of Sunpak handle:
I suggest the Rode VideoMic Go while skating:
Manfrotto video light:
Cheaper video light:

I filmed episode 4 with:
DJI Osmo:
DJI Straight Arm:
DJI Univeral Mount:
Rode VideoMicro:
DJI Extension Stick:
Sony RX100 IV:

beyond arm's reach - the creative process episode 3

It's not a huge light, but this is more for me it is the perfect artistic light source. It's light so it's easy to just throw in a bag, takes batteries, tripod/hot shoe mount, and has a dimmer. In the above image I have it rigged on a medium size cheap tripod that I use as a stick and photograph wirelessly while holding it in position.

The motivation room

The motivation room doesn't exist yet. I plan at some point in my life to have a room dedicated as a content office surrounded by everything that has motivated me along the way.  

Photographer Richard Avedon had a space like this... 

Screen grab from the American Masters documentary Richard Avedon: Darkness and Light

Screen grab from the American Masters documentary Richard Avedon: Darkness and Light

I have this thing that sometimes happen where I know I need to organize photos, edit, work on blog posts, but I just sit there and watch time pass.. This is something I'm working on, to create when I can because life is too fast... Something you really notice as an artist in the Darkness and Light documentary.  I feel that the time I have the motivation room surrounding myself with artifacts will for sure change the way I think and work.