FURY - The best war film I have ever seen. Congratulations to these 5 whos brilliant performances made me feel like I was there. 

This is a must see in theatre experience. Go! 


Alex Drouhard

Alex Drouhard

I feel as a photographer you grow up in that world the same as in everyday life. 

Over time you learn from what you've done, what you could do differently, being attentive, and aware of what is potentially needed mentally to move forward.

In photography life I'm getting out of teenage years into adulthood.


Here is a list of some photographers and when they published their respective body of work.

William Eggleston published Guide at 37

Richard Avedon published In The American West at 62

Walker Evans published American Photographs at 35

Cartier-Bresson published The Decisive Moment at 44

Robert Frank published The Americans at 34

Ed Ruscha published Twenty-Six Gasoline Stations at 26.

Garry Winogrand published The Animals at 41

Gregory Crewdson published Beneath The Roses at 46                      

Alec Soth published Broken Manual at 40                                                               


These ages are a guess by basic subtraction the birthdates may land on a random month where the age may be off a year, but definitely a interesting way to look at being creative and time.

bsmitty at 29

The bigger thing


I've been away from blogging lately but not completely, I have been thinking about it. 

I went to the art store walking around and I happened to turn down a aisle that had watercolor paints and supplies and it was like something smacked me in the face and told me to buy everything I needed. BOOM is basically a word that would describe what it's been like it has been a way to express my thoughts and think more freely and creatively and has made me excited to continue working on the bigger thing. 




if you are from a upbeat sunny state you may discard that message. 



Finding pain with Robin Williams


Celebrity deaths are interesting.. Some say how can you care so much about this one person when there is many dying every day.

I tend not to care about what some say.  

I cant help but breathe funny, somewhat scatterbrained, questionable.

I received a text message from my brother about the passing of Robin Williams. I think everything in my body stopped working for a second, it may have been different if it were natural causes but regardless it has had me thinking very hard ever since I unlocked my iphone to read that text.  

Creatives tend to have issues deep inside, sometimes they creep out and sometimes issues stay hidden and locked forever. I've come to learn that being a creative when you are beyond in it where you live love eat breathe  sleep your passion, there is also unfulfillment pain doubt failure dreams disappointments. Finding a balance is key, maintaining that balance isn't always easy.  

The creative Robin Williams is a one of without a doubt. 

 From the kid that is still inside me who enjoyed the classic films that he is best known for to the adult that I am now who had just last year was introduced to the film 'Toys' which blew my mind.

And remaining a creative into my older years who may be fighting my own type of demons will never forget who Robin Williams is and what he has done creatively.

Even the funniest man has a breaking point, only thing we can do is strive to better ourselves which as we all know is a never ending task.

Thank you for making me laugh from my childhood and beyond.


- bsmitty


Guest Writer - Dustin Sterling

Through life we learn. Through learning we love. Through love we hate. Life is essentially your mind shifting like sand through an hour glass back and forth. Once you truly see the brightest light, the old standby this too shall pass comes into play. It's counterpart and less desirable form of matter, darkness, isn't far around the corner to rear it's seemingly ugly head. Through this experience we both flourish and suffer. And through these things, we grow stronger and more aware of our surroundings and state of mind. We cave in to temptations, we make mistakes, we feel like life will cease to exist at times, but at the end of it all, you grow through these so called evils that lurk in the shadows and cause us to veer off the trail taking us to light. It's funny, because as a human being, your life can be seemless. Meaning you could be the happiest person on this planet, or at least the happiest in your own world, but you will still stray at times from that happiness. I truly believe this is due to mans desire for knowledge and thwarting our greatest fear ; that which we do not know. If curiosity killed the cat, then by all means, it stole my car, spit on my face, and left me to die in a ditch somewhere.... But it didn't kill me, for that which is the lowest of lows. The darkest pit of sorrow. What seems like our final hour of nauseating stomach and excruciatingly sharp chest pain, is nothing more than a great trial by fire, which we as the wonderful species of man, will endure. And in that breath, dare I say overcome?And emerge. As a being stronger willed, and more enlightened than that which we were, pre-agony. In your darkest days, and your coldest nights, grip your fists as tight as you can. Because people, you will stand tall again. And you will be taller. And you will see more clearly. Hear more precise, and speak louder than that which you were capable of in the last skin of a person you have shed and left to die in that ditch where your wrong turn led you. You will be greater than before, until your next endeavor into the darkness. And so on and so on. Just as life is a cycle of life and death, so will be your own mission of darkness and of light. A truly good heart will overcome any adversary. No matter how powerful. No matter how malicious. We are life itself, and we are all light.


A pick me up vid

I will often rewatch a video often to keep my head clear, motivated, and moving forward.

This is a great one of Adam Savage speaking about Dodos, The Maltese Falcon, and the creative exercise.