I was wondering about with my camera, I was being annoyed with phone calls. My concentration was pretty much non-existent and did not have much time to shoot while I was at it. On my way back to the car I went around a different direction then I originally walked through, I actually walked past this at first and I heard people talking above the wall seen behind this bush and it caught my attention to look up and I seen this completely random sign just propped up into this bush.


It is moments like this that being out, having my camera, even though I ended up walking around mostly with a phone to my head… I was out, and found something.

Was shooting ligHts out

So yesterday I actually had a post scheduled but I thought yesterday was the 1st so nothing posted. Sucks but it’s all good, I’m just going to reschedule that post for another day.

High quality screen shot from a  Instagram  story

High quality screen shot from a Instagram story

I went out photographing a project, I went in full send mode the I was to be photographing, and photographing, and photographing. I have other days planned as well to finish it up. I haven’t decided how I’m going to go about the project.. in the sense of should I release it now, or should I wait some time. When I say release I mean the whole project as a book. A big part of me wants to do the edits and layout of the book but release it in the future.. the ideas in my head now is that I want to start releasing books but some might be aged very well if I’m patient.

Random thoughts. I’ll keep you updated on it


“What I write here is a description of what I have come to understand about photography, from photographing and from looking at photographs. A work of art is that thing whose form and content are organic to the tools and materials that made it. Still photography is a chemical, mechanical process. Literal description or the illusion of literal description, is what the tools and materials of still photography do better than any other graphic medium. A still photograph is the illusion of a literal description of how a camera saw a piece of time and space. Understanding this, one can postulate the following theorem: Anything and all things are photographable.” - Garry Winogrand


WalkIng around

The great thing about photography is when I find a thing and want to photograph it, those split second moments I have no thoughts other than taking a picture.


Not everybody will get it

“Not everybody will get it. People will misinterpret you and what you do. They might even call you names. So get comfortable with being misunderstood, disparaged, or ignored -- the trick is to be too busy doing your work to care.” - Austin Kleon


If you’re not happy

“You have to change your life if you’re not happy, and wake up if things aren’t going the way you want.” - Keanu Reeves


Just having a camera in my hands puts me in the best mood. I could be anywhere, even I don’t want to be there at all, wouldn’t matter if I had my camera. The direction I’m taking my day to day life is to have my camera in my hand photographing as much as possible.

I’ve been shooting quite a bit. One thing I can admit, while glad I’m taking note of this now.. is I need to create content of the process, I’ve been slacking big time on that. It’s a simple task but can be easily looked over but by not getting any process content done loses a ton of potential of consumption and grown not only on the social distribution channels but more importantly.. My platform.

Even more to come. 📷🖤

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